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Heating loop controller


Another custom design and build project is located in an assisted living facility. This controller manages the heating loop pumps for the boiler system. Every critical component is done twice to make the possibility heat loss in the building as low as possible.


The two VFDs are connected to the two pumps via a set of electrically and mechanically interlocked relays, should the pumps fail to start, the controller will automatically switch the pump motors on the VFDs and retry starting the pumps one at a time.


There is a user adjustable schedule to automatically switch between the pumps to balance run time.

It is designed to be a set and forget system, maintaining a user set loop flow rate by modulating the pump speeds to adjust to varying system load. All critical pump parameters are monitored, and logged, and will automatically switch to the secondary pump should the running pump parameters go out of limits.


The system is network capable, allowing for full remote access and control as well as alarm monitoring and notification.

Shelley and Finney


These were both complete control refit projects. Both machines were still mechanically sound, however the electronic control components were becoming increasingly difficult to find, and quite expensive.  One uses a servo drive to draw the set length of film while the other is a combination of a clutch/brake and an electronic eye.  These are two cases where a refit made sense over replacing the machine. By working with the staff, designing the control software and component selection becomes a very manageable task. These refits most often can be done in the customer facility, eliminating time and costs associated disassembling and moving the machine.

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