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Specialty Work

Our specialist has worked on everything from bakery equipment and decorative lighting projects to printing presses, sewage lift stations and textile equipment. The basic principles and components of control work and design are the same regardless of what the machine is doing. Through experience and conversation about what is needed, he can design and build controls for almost anything. Whether it is a refit for an existing machine, or something completely new, from simple logic to complex logic and motion control.


By possessing a unique set of troubleshooting and repair skills that are not limited to electrical and electronic issues, he can look at the whole picture including mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components.  Not everything fits neatly into one box or another, sometimes you have to knock the corners off to get the best solution for a given situation, and that's where Kissinger Electric comes in with a specialist that can do just that.

Pontiac Street Renovation

Pontiac Street Renovation was a fun project that we have taken great pride in.  Be sure to watch the videos created for the City of Fort Wayne in the links below.

Pontiac Street.jpg

Fountain and Tree

Check out the completely custom designed and built controller that runs a lighted fountain in the summer, and a Christmas Tree during the holidays.


Control refits are an excellent cost-effective solution to extend the life of machinery that maybe isn't made anymore, or replacement just isn't feasible.



Check out our custom built oven for use in the automotive industry.

Smaller Projects

Take a look at some of our smaller projects from heating loop pumps for a boiler system to two control refit projects.

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